In Memory of DQ Roberts, President Christian Riders Ministry Jan 7, 1950 to Nov 20, 2013

Christian Riders Ministry (CRM) was formed in 1991 by DQ & Beth Roberts at First Christian Church of Bayonet Point, Florida. Being Bikers who had come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, they had an intense burden on their hearts for others in that lifestyle. No other Biker had ever told them that Jesus loved them and valued them highly. That message needed to be carried back. So, they sold everything they owned and began traveling to motorcycle events across the country in a school bus, setting up a ministry service tent and sharing the Gospel.


The objectives were set from the beginning and remain the focus of CRM.

First and foremost is to lead Bikers to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Second and equally difficult is to challenge churches to be more receptive of all people.
So first objective, leading bikers to Christ, is accomplished as Beth travels the country attending secular motorcycle rallies and sharing Jesus’ Gospel. Whether its using the Jesus Bike, setting up a booth or being on the road bike, she is able to love people into the Kingdom. The second objective is accomplish by sharing at churches, seminars, camps and other speaking engagements. She does this to bring awareness of the great need for diversity in the body of Christ.